The Tea Terrace Review - Victoria Street

Name: The Tea Terrece 
Location: 101 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 6QX
Food Type: English
Halal: Meat & Chicken No but Fish Yes
Service: 9/10
Overall Rating: 10/10

Tea Terrece is a beautiful place to visit especially because of the princess carriage in the middle of the restaurant. It is located within House of Fraser on the top floor. We went there for my best friends birthday as well as Dar Marrakesh.

My Experience:

The service at Tea Terrace was amazing when we went. The Tea Terrace carriage is only for 1 hour and 15mins but luckily we got to stay in the carriage for 4 hours which was amazing. The only problem I found with the Tea Terrace carriage is there a minimum spend of £21 each person plus when booking the carriage you need to pay a fee £12.95 per person as well which you do not get back. I did not like that because their food portions are big, therefore, you get full and you really do not want anything else.

The Tea Terrace staff members that dealt with us kept asking if we needed any else and are we satisfied. They were lovely. The Tea Terrace food was good, I did enjoy it and for the price, they did give a lot. Some things on the menu are overpriced like the sandwiches I cannot remember exactly how much it was but it was more than expected. Tea Terrace did have a variety for you to pick from whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner including tea and desserts.

I would go back to Tea Terrace to try out the other foods they have, however, not for the carriage because I personally don't think it's worth like 33.95 but my best friend loved it so that is what counts. I would also like to visit the other restaurants.

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