Book Review - All is not forgotten by Wendy Walker

All is not forgotten is about a 16-year-old girl named Jenny who gets raped and does not remember what happens to her. However, the person who rapes her remembers every single detail of it. 

If you are sensitive to reading about rape then this book is not for you. There is a lot of emotion within the book and detail about rape in this book. All is not forgotten is not based just on the rape. There are other things that happen and other characters the author focuses on. 

I found All is not forgotten a rollercoaster of emotions trying to guess who did it and why they did it. There's a part where a character gets introduced a boy who goes to Jenny's school and I was adamant it was him who raped her because of some of the things the author says but it was not. The one thing I would say is that it took to long to find out who the rapist was. I think the author could have shorted the book a bit. Some things did not matter, I did skip some of the conversations I thought that was not relevant. The book taught me a bit about memory within the brain and how it works which is always a good thing to know. 

Overall, I found All is not forgotten really good. I enjoyed reading it except the rape parts. I found knowing about each character in detail gave me more understanding of them. I would highly recommend All is not forgotten. 

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