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This blog post is going to be totally different to my usual posts. This one is my late night thoughts I've typed up and decided to post.  This is more about motivating yourself and pushing yourself to do what makes YOU happy.  This whole blog post is all over the place. There isn't a structure it's just my thoughts.

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We all try to motivate ourselves into following our dream but something happens:
1. We get lazy
2. It goes all wrong
3. We are scared

These are some of the 3 main things and usually, at that point, we give up. That is exactly what I have been doing until NOW. I finally put a stop to that routine and that mentality. You need to change the way you think to help you feel motivated when you wake up in the morning and throughout the day. Thinking negative but having dreams you might as well just not even bother having dreams. The first thing about being successful is believing in yourself and your idea. If you do not believe in your self and idea how do you think others are going to?
There will be days you feel demotivated but that is fine. Go read some inspirational quotes on Instagram. Follow the pages so it is always on your timeline reminding you that you can do it.

Fear is one of the things why we do not follow our dreams or lose opportunities to become better. The truth is things are going to go wrong, you will fail but do you think all these millionaires, all these successful did not fail? of course, they did. Failing is a lesson that enables us to do it correctly the next time.

Another one is lack of knowledge in opportunities. As you know I am a final year university student and I have recently found out about the skill, mentoring, prepping workshops my university does. It's not because they have just started doing these workshops it's because I looked into it. I research and found out more. Throughout my 1st and 2nd year, there were so many opportunities that I let fly by me and I regret but it has taught me if an opportunity comes TAKE IT. Do not worry about what people are going to say! Do not worry you are going alone there. You need to do this to help improve yourself to the best version of yourself.

Opportunities come and go but grab them because once they have gone you will not get another like it. The sad thing is as humans we do not take opportunities because we are scared of change and challenging ourselves. We prefer to be comfortable and do what we know instead of taking a risk. Sometimes it is a good thing but other times it is not. You see all these successful people you aspire to be like they took a risk and believed in themselves. Grab every opportunity you can. It will enhance and develop your skills and knowledge. It will allow you to be the best possible you.

Educate yourself. Learn more. Take all opportunities. Live life to the fullest by having fun and educating yourself. We NEVER stop learning. We are always learning something new every day.

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 Never think you cant do something because YOU CAN it do. The worst that will go wrong is that you will not succeed in it but that is fine because you have learnt new skills and lessons to ensure that you will succeed next time.

Lastly, if no one supports you or believes in you that is fine. As long as you believe in yourself you will achieve what you would like it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it helps you.



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