Jewellery Haul - Ali Express

I have finally received all the pieces from Ali Express I have been waiting for. I love Ali Express because it's cheaper than other retailers and they are actually good quality.

The main reason I did the order is because of the feather ring ( I forgot to do a close-up picture). I have been wanting the ring for a while, I have been seeing it everywhere and did not want to pay £20 for it, therefore, I put it on my Instagram story and Preema (click here) suggested Ali Express.
It was 0.62p (click here).  Me being me did some browsing and found other jewellery pieces I do not need but bought.

I saw this marble bracelet (click here) for £15 on a website and I've wanted it ever since however, I didn't want to pay £15 for it and I am glad I didn't because I found this for £2.04.

This crown ring is beautiful. It fits like a dream. I saw this and fell in love with it. It was 0.84p as well so why not (click here)

I've seen this on Instagram for a long time and I've always wanted it but Cartier is not in my budget currently, maybe in the near future, however, not now. It was 0.91p but it's 0.78p now (click here).

I've always wanted a rose gold princess ring from Pandora but my size is always gone therefore, I saw this and purchased it. I really like rings like this, it's really pretty. I purchased it for 0.89p (click here)

Ali Express is one of my favourite apps for all the stuff  I need but I do not want to spend. I've bought a lot of baking products from there which I will be doing a haul on so subscribe to my blog. I promise I am not going to spam you.

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