First Impression - Smashbox

Smashbox is a brand I have always seen but never purchased any products from it. I've swatched their products but it was nothing I did not already have or want. However, once their liquid lipsticks came out I was interested but they did not have the colours I was looking for until this new nude collection released. The two liquid lipsticks I bought myself. The foundation and colour corrector are samples and the primer and liquid lipsticks were a free gift from Safiyah Tasneems event (click here).

The only product I did not use is the pinky mauvy liquid lipstick and the foundation, therefore, I will not be mentioning it.

Smashbox Primer (click here

I used the primer twice and I found that it made my foundation stick longer compared to the Nivea shaving balm. It also, hydrated my face while using it and blurred some of my imperfections on my skin. I really liked the way my skin felt after using this and I will carry on using it. It may be in future favourites 

Colour Corrector (click here)

I got a sample of the colour corrector because when the MUA tried it in stores it made a huge difference but I wanted to see if it was long lasting or not and honestly I love this product. I am going to purchase the full size. It is AMAZING!!! it makes a difference to my eyes when I use it, my bags are covered up. 

Liquid Lipsticks 

Bawse (click here)
Deeps Thoughts (click here)

These two are my favourite liquid lipstick at the moment. They do not dry your lips like other liquid lipsticks do and a little goes a long way which I like. 
The red is the perfect red I have been looking for in a liquid lipstick, it is not to light or too dark which I love. Deep thoughts is a very pretty brown that is not too dark or too light, it's the perfect colour for my lips. It does not look like I am wearing a black liquid lipstick. I would 100% recommend these.

Overall, the brand has good products, I have yet to try the raved about Smashbox water spray and I would like to try their other primers because I really like the photo finish one.What are your favourite Smashbox products? I would love some suggestions. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this first impression. I feel like it is more of a review but I've literally used them 3/4 times now and I really do like the products. 
If you have not check out my previous post (click here) or the picture below. 

ibreathemakeup xx


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