Dar Marrakesh Restaurant Review

Name: Dar Marrakesh
Location: 422 Edgware Rd, Marylebone, London W2 1EG
Food Type: Moroccan
Halal: Yes
Service: 1/10
Overall Rating: 1/10

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I booked this place for my Best Friends birthday. The day was amazing but the restraunt was really awful. The Service was terrible. The manager actually tried to make us feel guitly for not paying service charge. I'm sorry but if your service is bad then why am I going to tip you? Personally, I think service charges are just a way for a restraunt to beg for tips and I do not like it. If I do not have to pay it then I am not espically if your service is bad.

My Experience: 

I called and booked a table a week before for 7pm but a couple of days later I changed it for 8pm but they staff did not change it on the timing and the manager had a go at us for being late when we actually was not because we came the time we said we would. The manager was also rude to us which was really disrespectful as customers who have come to your restraunt for the first time. We also had a cake which we gave to the manager to put away.

They seated us and then just left us for 1 hour without a menu or even coming to tell us that they do not have enough menus. After when they did give the menus they did not come to see if we were ready to order until 45-50mins after when we called them. Bare in mind there was 2 people just standing behind the bar doing nothing. When we did order the food came extremely late and did not taste nice but that a personal prefference. During the time of receving our food no one asked us if it was okay or do we need anything else. 

We did not even finish our food and we asked for the bill. Due to the terrible service we deicded as a group we are not paying service charges at all and we told the waitress that who came with the card machine. The waitress then went and told her manager who came up to us saying we have to pay the service charges and my friend said no we are not the service was really bad so we deiced we are not going to pay it. The manger replied saying but I gave you a table and all my workers rely on the service charge, how can you do that to them? Then I said legally we do not need to pay service charge ( from the research I did that what I found out before hand). He repied I am not in the mood to argue but my collegues work hard for this, my boss said we cannot charge 20% like other restraunts we should charge 10%. I replied saying if your service was good then we would have paid it. The manager said we should not come to his restraunts or restraunt like his and I said that is fine we will not be coming back. In the end he decided to give the cake to my best friend and ruin the surpise we had for her.

I found him veru rude and disrespectful towards us maybe because we are young I really do not know but his customer service skills are terrible.

This has been the worst place that I have expereince customer service skills like this. The food was not nice I personally did not like it. The only thing that was nice was the BBQ wings.

I highly doubt I will be going back there again. The stratford one is much better, their customer service skills are way better and they respect their customers.

ibreathemakeup xxx


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