Neglected Product of 2017

This is going to be a short blog post.

Last year I did a post on my neglected products of the year so I thought I would do one this year as well. My neglected product is Mascara, although I have featured it in some favourite I do not use it as much as I use eyeliner or lip products. I only wear mascara when I wear lashes.

My eyelashes do not work well with mascara for some reason. When I wear it you cannot even tell I'm wearing mascara therefore, I refuse to wear it. I hate taking it off as well, it takes forever to come off and it goes everywhere. I think I need to test them out more and try high-end ones, not just drugstore. If you do have any good mascara recommendations please comment them below.

Hope you enjoy this post. Check out my previous post (click here)



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