Long awaited Black Friday Haul + Swatches

This is my long awaited Black Friday haul as you can see in the title. I ordered these either a couple of days before Black Friday or on Black Friday. This Black Friday I was really good, I only bought products that I've been wanting since I was 16. Last year I bought everything and anything and half of it I do not use. Although, this year I have gone liquid lipstick crazy for some reason I only bought colours that I'd wear. I've swatched the lipstick and liquid lipsticks and I know they are not the best swatches but I'll get there hopefully.

I'm a mask addict and I saw these on the site and could not resist them, especially the animal masks. I am really excited to try them.  

Top: Siren
Middle: Smokey Muse
Bottom: Temptress Wispies

House of Lashes is one of my favourite lash brands out there. These cost me like $15.75 which is £11.75 altogether. I had to get another Temptress Wispy because it's my favourite lash. I love these for my eye shape because they do not irritate it. 

I'm always needing new brushes to add to my collection. These were around £8/£9 I think or maybe less. BH cosmetics brushes are amazing I have their face set and I love them. My favourite brushes. These are available on Beautybay.

So I got Coloured Raine Whatever because Phosbeauty and AneesaBeauty always rave about the brand, therefore, I was like it is on sale and I might as well. 

Brown Sugar is a colour I've been wanting for a while and there was free delivery, therefore, I just purchased it. 

Limecrime liquid lipstick Wicked I have been wanting forever and I finally bought it. I cannot wait to see the formula. These are are the first Limecrime products I own.
Salem I saw on Sal's (UmmBaby)  page and was like I need it. I literally have no explanation. I bought these from ASOS, not the Limecrime website. 

I feel like Anastasia had the best sale compared to all the other brands. I've got Ashton liquid lipstick and it's my favourite. I love the formula for these liquid lipsticks. ABH win in the formula. I ended up getting 5 liquid lipsticks and 1 lipstick. I bought two from the UK site and the rest from the US site. I also got a free brush with my ABH order which was a bonus. 

Here and the swatches of the liquid lipsticks and lipstick without flash and below is WITH flash. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.



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