Happy Place Cosmetics Haul

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I hope your Christmas has been amazing and you've received everything you've wanted to.
For those who do not celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Happy Place Cosmetics is my favourite company to order my bath bombs, soaps, bath whips, brush cleansers and diffusers.
I swear the diffusers smell AMAZING. I want to try the salted caramel range because everyone raves about it. 
Currently, they have their Christmas sale currently check it out (click here). 

The main reason for this order was for the diffuser which is in my favourite scent of the Minnie Mouse bath bomb which unfortunately is no longer available but I hope she brings that scene out in a normal bath bomb. 

This diffuser is the best smelling diffuser in the world. Well, I say that and then remember the Resting Bitch Face one. I love them both. They both smell AMAZING and you all need it and need to request Kirstie to carry on making these scents. This retails for £17.50 

I did not buy this the owner gave this to me as a christmas gift which was so AMAZING of her to do. She made it in my favourite scent and I used it today. My bathroom smelt gorgeous, I would have stayed in there longer if it was for my family telling me to get out lol. This is defo something I would recommend.

This bath bomb is extremely beautiful one it hits the water.  It's called the Kings landing bath bomb and I think it's currently out of stock. The picture below belongs to @xleviamyx (click here). This is one of my fav bath bombs btw guys I'm going to say that a lot about HPC bath bombs, they literally are all my favs lol. This retails for £5.25

This is the Glitter Gum Bath Bomb and it retails for £4.50. I literally have no explanation why I purchased this bath bomb. I literally cannot stop myself when I am on HPC site, it's really bad. 

I love this bath bomb.  I used it today and it was a beautiful purple in the bath. It's really nice a Christmasy therefore, I thought I would use it today. Unfortunately, it's out of stock and I do not think it's coming back seen as it was only released for the holidays.

Kirstie is so cute she also gave me a sample of Mash-up Bath Bomb Dust. I've never tried Bath Bomb Dust before. However, I've seen others use it and it looks gorgeous. I literally cannot wait to use this. HPC does sell bath bomb dust separately.

She was kind enough to give me a soup sample. I love her soaps, she does the personalised ones as well. The personalised ones are perfect gifts for anyone! I highly recommend them. 
Do follow Happy Place Cosmetics on Instagram (click here). Currently, most things are out of stock on their website, however, if you follow them, they will update us on when there is a restock.

Thank you for reading my post. Do not forget to check out my Black Friday haul (click here)



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