Empties - Part 1

This is my first empties post. I always seem Sal from UmmBabyBeauty (click here) do it so I wanted to give it a go.
These empties have been sitting in my cupboard for months waiting to get bigger. I've thrown away so many products forgetting that I need to add it to this post. I wouldl like to continue posts like this if you guys do enjoy reading it.

Shower Gels

It makes me sad that this is only available during Christmas. I love how it smells, I only bought two last Christmas thinking that I won't like as much as I do. I have not used the other one yet. However, I've ordered 6 or 7 backups. It just makes your body smells so nice a fruity, a favourite scent of mine. This is something I will always be repurchasing. It's currently on sale for £2.50 (click here).

I really thought I would like the Blueberry one, but I did not like the smell. This is one thing I would not be purchasing again because I do not like the smell of it. Other than that the formula is amazing like the frosted berry but the smell is not my type of scent. It is currently out of stock online. You can find it at your local Body Shop store.

Shampoos and Conditioners 

This is an amazing shampoo for people who have dandruff. It worked phenomenally on me. Although, once your dandruff goes and you keep using it, it affects your hair so you need to ensure you switch it up. This is a product I will always repurchase (click here).

This foam conditioner was in Superdrugs for 50p on offer and I thought why not? what's the worst that can go wrong? I actually never thought that I would like the product as much as I did. I do feel it made a difference in my hair and it helped it. I bought 2 of these and used them both up. This is a product I have repurchased and will carry on repurchasing. (click here)

Mini Tresemme shampoo. I bought this because I was going to my cousins' house in Huddersfield so I needed a small shampoo. It was really nothing special. It did not make a difference to my coloured hair. I will only repurchase this if I need to (click here).

I bought the conditioner for the same reason. I liked this conditioner. I would definitely repurchase it because it made my hair feel healthy and silky (click here).

Skin / Body products

The coconut Body butter is my favourite body butter body shop have. I have dry skin and it actually moisturises my skin. The moisture does not go as quick as it does with other body butters or lotions I use. I always repurchase this because it is a must. This is the 50ml tub however, I've got a 200ml that is nearly finished and I've just purchased a 400ml (click here).

This is a holy grail product I cannot live without. I always purchased this on a regular because I go through this quick but I always forget to keep the pots for an empties post. It's been included in my favourite (click here). I usually use this cream during the summer because that when it works best for me. I will always be repurchasing this (click here).

This Emma Hardie cleanser is AMAZING although I hate the smell. I would 100% repurchase this if I wore makeup every day but I do not. The cleanser takes all your makeup off and makes your skin feel really soft after. This sample was from Feel Unique Pick N Mix but you can purchase the full size (click here).


This perfume is AMAZING. I love how it smells and the smell stays on you all day. Randomly throughout the day, I can smell it. Everytime I wear this I get complimented and this is a perfume I will repurchase although it is on the pricier side (click here).

Thank you for taking your time out to read my post. Check out my Happy Place Cosmetics Haul (click here)



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