Boxing Day Haul 2017

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE EVE!!!!! I cannot believe 2017 is nearly OVER.
My Boxing Day Haul is things I have stocked up on because they are only available during Christmas. The sale is not really as good as Black Friday I feel although, I do not buy clothes I purchase more cosmetics etc.

As you can see I went a bit crazy in Body Shop but these are all products I use and love. 

The Body Shop

I decided to go a bit crazy on the Frosted Berries shower gel (click here) because it's only available for Christmas therefore, I'm stocked up until mid-2019 lol. I also purchased the bath foam (click here) because I've read a few people raving about so I wanted to try it. There is one raspberry shower gel (click here) I always have to purchase a coconut body butter (click here) because that is a holy grail item I cannot live without and the 400ml was on sale from £20 to £15 including 40% off.  I bought Frosted Berries hand cream (click here) it is my favourite scent in hand cream which is something I use regularly and the same reason I bought the body butters (click here) which I forgot to include in the picture above.

- Frosted Berries shower gel (click here
- Frosted Berries body butter(click here
- Frosted Berries hand cream (click here)
- Frosted Berries bath foam (click here)
- Coconut body butter (click here)
- Raspberry shower gel (click here


I went to superdrugs to purchase some eyeliner but unfortunately, it was out of stock but I bought these bath mix and fix I've been wanting for a while and I found brushes everyone was raving about. 
The Mix and Fizz were £12 however they went down to £2.99 so I picked it up and I've been wanting them for a while now but I did not want to pay £12 for it.
The brushes were £7.49 from £20 and I need new brushes, therefore, I just purchased it. (click here).

Feel Unique / Urban Decay 

The Urban Decay pair matte 1993 (click here) was on sale for £14.65 or something and the lipstick itself retails for  £13-15 each and lipliner is around the same therefore the kit was worth it. The mask (click here) was purchased because I needed to go over £15 for free delivery and I really like this mask, one of my favs. They were purchased from feel unique. 

Urban Decay's website has up to 50% off some makeup and the liquid lipstick in 1993 (click here) was on sale so I bought because I knew I would like the colour as I've swatched it before and fell in love. Sadly, the price has gone back up to £15.50. 

Thank you for taking time out your day to read this post. If you have no read my neglected product of 2017 (click here



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