Stationary Haul

As my 3rd year of University is slowly approaching I've started to purchase my stationary ahead of time. I want to be organised for my final year because I have 7 courses as well the dissertation and exams therefore, I do not want to be stressed at all so I decided to start buying my stationary ahead of time. I have got more to buy so there will be another haul.

All the items I got are from Ali Express. I was introduced to the app by Preema (click here) and since then I'm addicted. The good thing about this app I can not use PayPal so it prevents me from using all my money on the app which is a good thing.

Galaxy themed pens (click here)

I love galaxy themes, I find them so beautiful and unique. I've purchased these pens before from eBay and they helped me a lot in my maths course.

Mixed Pens (click here)

When I choose my pens I tend to go for the pens that are 0.05 or smaller because they write nicely and I am able to make small notes around what I have wrote.

Pen (click here)

I bought this pen because I thought it looked elegant and the lid was grey. I have issues when it comes with packaging.

Multi-coloured Pen (click here)

My inner child came out when I saw this and was like add to basket. I genuinely do not know what I would use this for but I really wanted it so I bought.

Galaxy Sticky note pads (click here

I love these so much! I cannot wait to use these. They are so pretty. I honestly would love to have my room wall like that. I only got these cause of the galaxy print.

Marble Sticky Pad (click here)

I only bought this because it was marble sticky note paper. I had to buy it but do not worry I will use it.

To-do List (click here)

I bought this for my dissertation so I am organised and I know what I have to do. The good thing about this is that it sticks on to my folder so it will be easier for me to see what  I have to do.

Makeup Stickers (click here)

I am a sucker for stickers. I used to collect them when I was a kid. I could not resist these they are makeup stickers. My inner child and adult self bonded and made me push that button and buy it lol.

Perfume Stickers (click here)

I can't resist stickers, especially cute ones I have to buy it. I love stickers a lot.

Perfume Stickers (click here)

These were to cute to resist. I had to buy them and my inner child made me.

Most of the products bought from Ali Express were because they were to cute not to buy and it's really cheap on the site so why note?. Instead of spending £4 on pens why not spends £1.34 on cute pens. Also, cute stationary motivates me to study. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did let me know in the comments so I can do more of these posts. I am always buying stationary but I never upload it anywhere.

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