First Impressions of Bubble Sheet Mask

It has been so long since I posted. I have actually missed blogging and now finally I am able to focus on my blog and my Instagram.
I have started reading books and was thinking to do book reviews? what do you think? If you have any book suggestions do leave it in the comments below.

I saw this bubble mask on Instagram and it seemed different and interesting. I personally have never heard of a mask that bubbles on your face which made the mask so much more intriguing. I was in boots looking for their ingredients range as I've seen a lot of people rave about it too and I found the bubble sheet mask. I was so excited I bought 3 without even reading anything about it. They were £5 each (click here). Currently, it is out of stock but you can check if it's available in your local boots store and they are 3 for 2. 

The mask says that it is a deep cleansing sheet mask that draws out skin clogging dirt grime and pollution with the purifying power of a million microbubbles. It's suitable for all skin types, however always read the ingredients to see if it will work with your skin or not.
This mask is split into 2, there's a mask for the bottom part of your face and a mask for your top part which I actually love because then I can fully adjust it to my face shape and size instead of it going all in my hair because it's  too big for my face.

Zoom in of the mask from when I first put it on and after 10mins
When wearing the mask you can hear the bubbles pop up and you can also feel it under the mask. My skin did feel like it was burning but only under the chin and under my eyes but I think that because my skin is sensitive.
After taking the mask off my face felt very clean but dry which I did not like.
Overall, I liked the mask my skin did feel good after using it, I am defo going to purchase more after I finish the other two. I would also like to check out their skincare range.

What are your favourite masks? I'm always looking to try out new ones.

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