February Favourites

I know I've been really bad with blogging but it's deadline season for me and from April onwards it's exam season. After that, it's I'll  start work so about July time I'll be back typing my blog posts not scheduling them. I have a few posts that I want to do, if you have any recommendations do let me know. Now time for my Feb Favourites.
This month I used 3 new palette's that I haven't touched or swatched since I first got them.

Click the pictures if you would like to buy the products.

I finally used my MR palette after having it for ages lol. I know, I know but I finally used it for my birthday outing and it stayed on all night. I loved it.  Usually, eyeshadows don't last they end up coming off however, this one lasted all night. It's very pigmented but there is fall out but honestly speaking I expect it from all shadows because it's a powder.

I also finally used my holiday grail palette. I used it with the MR palette and them to palettes together it's literally AMAZING!!! I love it. I love the way it blended. I need to get more maroon dresses so I can do more looks with it.

The peace palette is so nice for a soft and gentle look, I know when you look at you wouldn't think that but I used it for my birthday (2nd party) and I just went with a basic look and I was shocked at how gorgeous it looked. The colours blended like a dream and it was really pigmented.

The L'Oreal eye paint is GORGEOUS, it pops out when you use it on top of the shadow. I used this on top of maroon eyeshadow and blended it a bit and it looked stunning. It lasted all night, which I was surprised about because it's a cream product and they usually do not last that long on me so I usually refrain from wearing them.

I'm always raving about these 3 highlighters but I have not found anything better so I'm gonna carry on. I personally think this company needs more recognition because her highlighters are better than some big brand highlighters. If you wanna glow like Amrezy then this is your highlight she has more highlighters available if you would like an in-depth review with swatches then let me know but I love this highlighter. I use it when my highlighter doesn't give me that glow I want.

My next favourite is Gilded Honey by Laura Geller. This highlighter gives me life. I cannot live without it. I would cry if she discontinued it, I pray she doesn't. You need this in your life if you love a gold highlight.

You know when I bought citrine I actually thought it was hype product but when I applied it to my face,  I glowed, my inner Amrezy came out. This highlighter below my head away, honestly. I was so shocked by it and since then I fell in love with it. I have a full review on it click here.

This eyeliner is marvellous. It's matte black and I mean blacker than black. The first day I used it I fell in love with it. My only downside is that it's not waterproof. It's very long lasting and it does not fade throughout the day.
If you know me, you know I'm not a blusher girls. I hardly own any but this palette is amazing. I'm always using this. It's so pigmented and just works with my skin like a dream. I really like all the colours surprisingly. I need more Zoeva products.

I've been trying to wear lipsticks more and I'm always picking this up. It's Mac in Taupe. This is my perfect nude. I can always wear this with any look. My holy grail and go to lipstick.

I've been loving this Primark liquid lipstick. When I don't know what colour to wear I always wear this. It goes with everything. It's only £2 as well.

This month I've watched a few TV shows that I've been loving.

First one is Shadowhunters, I was on Netflix and it kept coming up so I thought let me try it and see if I like it, I'll never know unless I watch it and guys, I litterally fell in love with it that I even bought the books and Im going to watch the movie for it. If you like Vampire Diaries , Teen Wolf , The Originals then you'll like this.

Second one is Riverdale, I also saw this on Netflix was intrigued by it so I thought give it a try and see, what the worst that can happen?.  I love it, every fridays Im waiting for the new epsiode. I pray it doesn't get cnacelled because it's going amazing.  This is kind of like Secret and Lies, someone gets murdered and they're trying to find out who did and reveal a load of secrets.

I finished watching both Shadowhunters and Riverdale and Netflix kept saying this is similar to them again  I gave it a chance and I'm addicted however, Netflix has not got Season 2 or 3 yet which is annoying.

Sherlock!! I love this show.  My friends were like watch it, it's really good and I was like yeah I will and found it on Netflix and watched it. At first I was like why does it over an hour long and only 3 epsiodes that's so annoying and my friends were like just watch it and you'll see. I watched it and got addicted I really want there to be a Season 5. So if you're someone who works on the Sherlock Series and are reading this please ensure there is a season 5.

Lastly, VAMPIRE DIARIES. I am so sad that this show is ending. I cannot believe it, I grew up with this show, One more episode this makes me so sad. Who's your favourite characters?

I'm always looking for new shows to watch, do recommend me some TV shows to watch.
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