First Impressions Yes To Tomatoes Sheet Mask

Recently I've been buying skin care products more than makeup. I supposed to be on a ban but I can't stop buying skin care products.
I bought the Yes to Tomatoes sheet mask because I needed my beauty bay order to be £16 so I can get free delivery and I wanted to try it out.
This mask is a sheet mask which can be amazing or annoying. Annoying in the sense like the way it fits your face.

When I put this mask on I fell in love with the smell, it smells amazing!!! It doesn't have that chemical smell I hate. After I put it on it did burn my skin but it maybe because I had some mask primer under it, however, I wasn't sure. Also, my skin didn't react to it.
After taking the off the mask my face was tingling, however, on the back of the mask, it says if it does do that then it means the mask is working.

One thing that was weird was my T-zone was heating up, as in it was hotter than the rest of my face, my other parts were cold which I found strange but as I said before my skin didn't react to it.

My skin felt very hydrated, clean and fresh after that mask. strangely enough, it was actually glowy which is a bonus.

My overall impression is that I actually like it, I've bought 2 more since and I'm going to try them out and see if they actually make a difference. At the moment my skins not happy with me but hopefully I'll go back to normal. My skin felt hydrated after the mask for a few days which was amazing.

Have you tried this mask out? or anything from the range?

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