Eyeronic Lash Review

If you don't know I love lashes, I'm obsessed with them. I'm always looking for new brands and new styles of lashes to try.
Eyeronic is a company who have recently launched. They launched a Princess collection which has 10 styles that range's from £9.50-£11.50. Also, they have bundles which you can buy too. The bundles will be launching today, however, by the time this is uploaded it should have already launched or not. Keep an eye out on my Instagram.

I tried their lashes in Jasmine and oh my god, they are marvellous. They have a band but it's not thick and it's very light weight. Some lashes have bands and they make your eyes feel like it's really heavy. However, with Jasmine, it is a very lightweight natural style of lashes. I have lashes with bands that are very heavy on my eyes. In addition if your eyes water when you wear heavy lashes these will not do that. My eyes didn't water at all. I love their lashes and I cannot wait to get my hands on some more.

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