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I've been seeing pictures of the new L'Oreal Clay washes and the Garnier Skin Active masks on Instagram and currently, I've been buying a lot of skin care so I have to have it. I went Uni today and there's a Boots and superdrugs as soon as I come out the station so after tutorial I went straight there.
As soon as I walked in I saw the L'oreal mask and I literally grabbed all of them and told my friend to see if there's any in superdrugs as their doing 20% off for students she was like no so I was like cool and I added them to my basket. The I saw the Garnier Mask and I literally screamed.  The women next to me just looked and so did the workers.


I bought all 3 of the clay washes. 

From reading the back it says for a deeper cleanser you can use the masks after them which I would like to try. I think tonight I will try Detox one because I've already tried the mask a million of times and it works fine on my skin.

These were £3.99 each but they are currently on offer at boots. At the moment they are only available in stores.  

I also bought the brightening mask unfortunately, I didn't find the green mask so I just bought this one. My aunt has been using this and has said it's amazing.  I am excited to use this. 


They have new masks that they have released and there is 5 of them.

They are for different skin types, it says on the mask which skin time it is suited for, I'd like to try them all to see if it works or not. Do you have any specific one you would like me to try? 
These looks really good but I feel I can get 2  uses out of these so I'll need containers to put the rest in. 

These retail for £1.50 each and currently in boots stores only.

Face Towel 

I needed face towels so I bought these two they were 75p each for 2 face towels. They are both from Asda. I usually get my face towels from Primark but someone keeps taking mine so I bought new ones. 

Cotton pads & cotton buds

I've been using cotton pads a lot because of doing skin care daily so mines nearly finished and I picked some up. It was the pack of 2 for 75p from Asda and Phosbeauty recommended it to us on her story. 

I also bought these pointed cotton buds because they are amazing for makeup especially when you make a mistake. These were 2 packs for £1 and I ran out of the superdrugs one I was using so I bought these.

Lastly, I bought this oil from superdrugs because I burnt my arm recently and usually I use bio oil to get rid of it but Superdrugs were out so I thought let me try something new and plus it's cheaper. If it works then at least I'll always have an option. 

I am really excited about the products I bought I cannot wait to try them. If you would like me to do an in-depth review on any of them please let me know. 

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