November Favourites ❧

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This is the Last favourites of the month for 2016. The next one will be my 2016 favourites throughout 2016.

Novemberrrrrr Favouritesssss - Beauty and Non-Beauty related.


 Nieva Post Shaving Balm | £5.29 | Click here 

I've been using the Nivea Post Shave Balm as my face primer and I love it. It makes my foundation stick longer than usual. When using this I feel like I need to warm it up to make it more sticky and then I put it on my face. It keeps the foundation on my nose which is a must!!! The foundation on my nose goes with a blink of an eye but this keeps it on.

LA Girl Concealer | £5 | Click here

I know a lot of people don't like colour correcting but I love it espically the green for my redness! But my favourite has been the orange colour corrector and this concealer in Porcelain. The Orange one is too dark for my under eyes so I thought let me try and lighten it with this concealer I've never used. After trying it out, it became my favourite thing to do because I could adjust how light or dark I wanted it to be. If you don't want to use a concealer you can use a white colour correct LA Girl has (click here)

Maybelline Concealer | £7.99 | Click here

My Urban Decay concealer is nearly finished and I'm saving it for an upcoming occation so I've been needing something else to use and I found this in my draw. It's actually really nice similar to the UD one however, UD one is more liquidy and lighter. It's got really good coverage, is not cakey what so ever. I personally think it a dupe for UD concealer.  Maybelline if you read this PLEASE get a waterproof version out, my eyes water like crazy and I'm always needed to touch up.

MUA Skin Define Foundation | £4 | Click here

I fricking LOVEEEE this foundation!!!! It's matte which I love and I'd say it's a light to medium coverage, defiantly buildable, however, I use only one layer that's it. This is my GO to foundation!!! Love Love Love!!! I've been using the tester that I got sent to me!! It's lasted me so long. I haven't opened the foundation at all but I'm excited to finish the tester to go on to the foundation bottle.

Maybelline Mascara | £4.99 | Click here

I use this mascara to connect my lashes and my false lashes together, that sounds so weird. I also use it when I want a natural look, it's perfect for that and its really black which I love.

Eldora | £6 | Click here
NK Lashes Red Carpet | £15- £18 | Click here | Use code ibreathemakeup for 10% off

Okay, these NK lashes in Red Carpet is BAEEEEEEE like they're amazing. I have small eyes so not all lashes I can wear but after cutting them to the right size, they're amazinggg!!!!! They are £18 but if you use code ibreathemakeup it will get your 10% off your order. It's not affiliated, I genuinely love these lashes. Do follow my girl on Instagram (click here). Also free worldwide shipping!!!

These Eldora lashes are perfect for them natural days. Oh my!!! I am in love with them!! I am so happy I got a back up from iMats. They retail for £6 and they're very wispy which I love. I  need to get more and try different styles out.

Add A Lash | £6.50 | Click here

This eyelash glue is phenomenal honestly. I don't think I can try other glues because I love this one too much. It's latex free and waterproof. If you've been following me since the beginning then you know my eyes water like crazy and this ensures that my lashes stay on, even when all my makeups gone my lashes stay. A tip though when taking it off ensure you use oil to take it off because you'll end up pulling / tugging your eyelashes off.

Colour Pop Avenue | $6 / £4.80 | click here
MUA lipliner - Brooding Plumb | £1 | click here

For winter my go to combo has been dark red lips, I've been loving it. I have to use lip liner because when I wear red lipstick or liquid lipstick without one it gets everywhere. Colour Pop Avenue is AMAZING, it isn't streaky at all.

Jouer Mini Liquid Lipstick in Noisette | £34 | Swatches Click here | SOLD OUT 

I'm loving this liquid lipstick, it feels like the NYX butter creme liquid lipstick but it sets matte which I love. I wore it for 5 hours and then ate however I only had to touch up the middle part of my lips which is really good for me because usually, my liquid lipstick comes off all of it.

Rimmel Soft Kohl - White | £2.99 | click here 

This is what helps me with my swatches some of them are already on the blog and there are upcoming ones as well. It's easy to remove it.


Tv Programs

If you know me then you know I love Tv Programs, this month's favourite is Teen Wolf. 
I've been watching Teen Wolf since I was 16 I think and unfortunately it is on its last season *cries* but I'm happy I've watched it all. I really want the boxset. Sadly it does not come on TV in the UK so I have to look for other ways -.-

Secret and Lies 

This show is AMAZINGGG!!! It's all about a murder that happens and a detective finds out what happens. There's different murdered in each season. It's on every Tuesday on W at 9pm.


Pens | £1.87 | Click here

I've been loving these pens that SkinFaceBeauty had on her snap. They've helped me with my university notes especially for my Maths module. These will be a favourite throughout my 2nd and 3rd year. 


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