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Today's post will be able the Garnier Moisture Mask Review. When this mask came out everyone wanted it. I would it so many people rave about it and it would be all over Instagram. So I gave into the hype and bought it.
This mask is available at superdrugs and boots for £1.49 usually, I bought it for 99p. I honestly think £1.49 is too much for 1 mask.

The mask itself as in sizing etc. It's too big for my face, I feel like they need to have different sizes because I need to cut mine to fit on my face properly.  Other than that the mask is okay, it's not something I would rave about, I bought a load before I tried it out because everyone said it's amazing. It does keep you hydrated don't get me wrong but throughout the week it doesn't last.

Also, if you put makeup on after this the mask is not going to keep your face hydrated well, mine didn't. I only use this mask when I know I'm not going to wear makeup because makeup and this mask do not agree with each other.

Have you tried this mask? What are your thoughts?

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