Jouer Mini Liquid Lipstick Swatches

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How are you all?
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Can you believe ONE month well less until 2017!!!!!
What are your goals for 2017? have you achieved this year goals?
I pray 2017 is an AMAZING year for us all ♡

Back to Jouer Mini liquid lipsticks.
As you know Jouer has bought out holiday gift sets, I managed to get one which was the liquid lipstick set.

I think this is the best way to try a brand's liquid lipstick because there's a variety of colours to try out and plus this will finish quicker than a full one. 

Here are the swatches of the liquid lipstick on Asain skin. My favourite ones are Noisette and Terra. Terra kinda reminds me of theBalm charming. I really like Noisette, when I wore it it felt like NYX butter cream matte liquid lipsticks. I really like the feeling of it, it's very buttery and dries matte, like really matte. 

Have you tried any Jouer liquid lipstick? or any products from Jouer? I really want to try their eyeshadow palette too.
Unfortunanltey, it's out of stock when it comes back in stock I shall let you know through instagram so make sure you follow me on there @ibreathemakeup_ 

If you have not checked out my previous post click here or the picture. 

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