Colour Pop Review & Swatches

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As you all know I've recently purchased a load of Colour Pop liquid lipsticks and few eyeshadows and highlighters. Everyone talks about how amazing they are so I wanted to try it out because if you follow me on instagram you know I'm a liquid lipstick addict. Well, I finally got to try out the liquid lipsticks for a whole day and I LOVED it.

When you apply the liquid lipstick it feels very weightless and not wet like other liquid lipsticks. You can't feel it drying and it's not sticky. It's perfect!! I love the formula and it dries so quickly! From trying Kylies it doesn't seem the same formula but I'm going to put them both to the test together and do a post on you. If they are the same then colour pop is WAAAAY better because of price point to be honest but I shall get back to you on it.

The brush itself is nicely shaped, perfect for any size lips in my opinion. It was really easy to apply the liquid lipstick. Usually I use Lipliners but this time, I didn't because the brush was easy to use without me getting it everywhere.

Overall, I love the formula and the colours I bought, I  definitely  need to buy some more when they have a good shipping deal and stock up! I think it's worth the customs I paid for because of the formula. I've still got to try more liquid lipsticks to see what formula is the best but at the moment it's colour pop.

Do you have a favourite liquid lipstick brand? If you do please let me know in the comments.

If you haven't checked out my review on Jouer's new highlighter click here or the picture below.

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