Kylie Jenner Mini Mattes Review & Swatches

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I know it's been a long while since I've posted but honestly, I've been working from 8-6 and also I haven't felt inspired to blog what so ever. But thank God, I feel so inspired and I have so many ideas for upcoming blog posts.
How is life going for you? 

Before I start talking about the Mini Mattes can you just vote on what liquid lipsticks I should review? I don't have enough to come to final conclusions (click here)

Back to Kylie Jenners Mini Mattes, I was lucky enough to get hold of one of these babies. I've only tried Kristen, I haven't tried any of the other ones. I didn't want to open them because I might give them away if I didn't like the formula. 

The Mini Mattes include Exposed (warm mid-tone beige), Dolce K (deep beige nude), Koko K (pale pink), Candy K (warm pinky nude), Kristen (warm brown berry) and Leo (true deep burgundy). As you've read I've tried Kristen and It's a beautiful colour, it reminds me of Jeffree Stars watermelon but less bright. 

Once you open the liquid lipstick you can smell a vanilla smell, it's not that strong and I found after applying the liquid lipstick it doesn't stay the smell goes, which I really like. Some lipsticks have the smell still which is not pleasing.

The formula itself is light weight which is amazing because it feels like there's nothing on your lips. Everyone compares it to the colour pop formula and I have to wait to try it because my order is still coming. I will, without a doubt, have to do a comparison to them to see if they're alike and is colour pop a cheaper option to Kylie's liquid lipstick.

I found it dried quick not as quick as some but quicker than I expected which is always a positive thing. I did find that when you eat the middle part of the liquid lipstick disappears but then again most liquid lipsticks do. 

My overall thought of the liquid lipstick is that it's actually quite amazing, I do enjoy it and I cannot wait to try the other colours.  
FYI I didn't use a lipliner what so ever but it still worked for me. I would like to get some any suggestions? 
What are your thoughts on her liquid lipsticks? 

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