August Favourites Part 2 - Non Beauty

Hey guys,

How are you all? I've been thinking about doing this for a week now because I always forget to add my favourite films, song, program, food etc with my favourites, I don't know why but I do. So I thought to myself to do a part 2.

Let me know if next month I should add it on to my September favourites or have a part 2.


Okay, so this month I've been repeatedly watching Grease 2. I love that film!! One of the reasons I enjoy it is because it shows how everyone lived without mobile phones and actually spoke to each other and went on dates. I feel like back then it was more real because you had to make an effort. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic, but who isn't?

My next favourite film has to be LOL, the one with Miley Cyrus in it. If you haven't watch it, I would recommend you to watch it. That's my all-time favourite film. I remember last year I watch that film the whole day and all night for about 2 weeks. 


For music, I have quite a few favourite songs at the moment. I've been going down memory lane and listening to VERY old songs. I've got Bollywood songs and English songs.


First up is Didi Tera Devar Deewana. I love this song, it makes me laugh so much because of the way she complains about her sisters husbands brother. Madhuri Dixit is gorgeous and still is. I never would've liked song like this but my best friend is  Bollywood crazy and she got me into most of the Indian songs I like. I actually watch Bollywood movies in the cinema, I never thought that would happen but that's what happens when you have a best friends that's crazy for Bollywood films and songs. 

Soch Na Sake is a beautiful song, I've been listening all of this month and last month. The meaning behind it is cute too. This is another song my best friend introduced me to. 
The chorus is what got me addicted because it's so catchy and the way the singer sings is divine. Listen to it and let me know if you get hooked because of the Chorus. 

Hollywood / English Songs

Well for this section I have a few songs. So let get started. 

First up is Coldplay- Hymn for the weekend. I used to hear this song everywhere but I never researched to find out what song it was. Then eventually then tune got stuck in my head and I had to listen to it and I went looking for it for so long till I called my dad up asking and he told me. 
Doesn't Beyonce look gorgeous in this video. I love her outfit and she's SLAYS. 

I was on youtube and writing a blog post and I left it on autoplay and this song came up and I just loved it and haven't been able to stop listening to it. 
The Chainsmokers - Closer 

This is an old song for me by my favourite band. 
JLS - That's where I'm coming from 

I was on a Selena Gomez fanatic and I found this song and just loved it. I can't stop listening to it. 

Cheat Codes - Turn Me On 
I heard this at a dessert place and I used Siri to find out the songs name and ever since I found out who sings it I've been listening to it. This song I've been listening to for a couple of months now. 
It's a better version of Kevin Little - Turn Me On. 

Justin Bieber I have two song of his that I have been loving. 

Let Me Love You - DJ SNAKE ft Justin Bieber 

Major Lazer Ft Justin Bieber - Cold Water 

Oh my god, I forgot my like FAVOURITE FAVOURITE  song overall, I just remembered because I'm listening to it. 

Gnash - I hate you, I love you 
I have no idea why I like this song, I usually like a song's that I can relate to but this I can't. I think I like this because it say's "Friends can break your heart to" because it's true.

That's it for songs. 

Ice cream

I've been loving Ben and Jerry Chocolate Fudge Brownie  or the Cookie Dough Ice cream. I've been living on them that's why only healthy food for me. 


I guess that's it for my non-beauty August Favourites. I hope you enjoyed reading this. What have been your favourites? 

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I hope you're having a lovely day or evening. 
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