Colourpop Review on Shipping & Customs

Hey guys,
How are you all?

I did a Colourpop Order on the 29th and received a card on the 10th saying I have to pay customer charge.

I ordered

Churro × 1
Summer Lovin × 1
Wisp × 1

My order came up to $21 plus shipping which was  $25.
The total of my order was $46 = £35.47 and on top of that customs for £11.49 = £46.96.

I received the package 2 weeks after ordering it. It came in a white box that says 'made in LA' 
Once I opened the box it looked so beautiful. 

The note is very cute that is given in the box. 

Overall,  I don't think it's worth it for 3 items to be charged nearly £47, I think if you're ordering more items then it is. It's annoying that we have to pay for customs.
I haven't used the products yet so there will be a review on them once I've used them. 

Thank you for taking time out to read my blog post.  
I hope you're having a lovely day or evening. 
If you're having a crap day, then don't worry it can't rain forever and it will be over!
Don't ever give up on your dreams.

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Sending ~hugs from my house to yours~ 

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