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Hey guys,
How are you? Can you believe summer is over!! It went so fast! I didn’t do a lot this summer. How was your summer? Did you do anything interesting or fun?

If you don't follow me on Instagram then you wont know that I'm planning to do a liquid lipstick review. I've found over 50 brands that do liquid lipsticks and I would like you to choose 7 brands you would like me to review (click here). Please do vote which brands would you like me to review and as soon as I have enough votes I will do the review. 


I’ve been wearing both these palettes a lot recently. The Carli Bybel Palette is gorgeous!!! Especially the highlighters!! I used them for the first time and my glow was magnificent. I mixed the middle two colours together. I use the CB palette more for highlight then eyeshadows. The 35O palette I’ve used for every wedding I’ve gone to. The shadows are pigmented and blend like a dream. 

Well I fell in back in love with the Urban Decay Skin Foundation. I tanned from before and my foundation is too light for me so I've been mixing them with the UD Skin foundation and it's a perfect combination. I forgot how much I love this foundation. It's for people who like their foundation to look natural. It's not cakey and it has a nice coverage. It's not full coverage though.

I've started to use my lip liner from Primark again. After buying so many liquid lipsticks I've just been wearing them and been abandoning my lip liners but I've started to use the PS LOVE one again in brown. I actually don't know why I stopped using it. 

The UD Setting pray is AMAZINGGGGGG!!! Apparently, the Maybelline one is just as good, I definitely need to try it out. But this makes my foundation last longer than normal and keeps everything in place. 

I've raved about this so much but this my FAVOURITE colour of liquid lipsticks and I cannot stop wearing it. It's the ABH Ashton Liquid lipsticks. I honestly don't know what else to say about it. 


So this month I've been reading blogs and I've been enjoying 

Umm Baby - Blog | Instagram | Twitter 
Ms Tantrum - Blog | Instagram | Twitter 
Safiyah Tasneem - Blog | Instagram | Twitter
Iqra  - Blog | Instagram


My favourite Instagrammers have been 

Aaraish -  Blog | Instagram

SVPHIE - Instagram |  Unfortunately,  no blog but I really hope she gets one. 

If you have a blog, Link it below or tweet it me. I've been enjoying reading blogs and I would like to discover more blogs.
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Thank you for taking time out to read my blog post.  
I hope you're having a lovely day or evening. 
If you're having a crap day, then don't worry it can't rain forever and it will be over!
Don't ever give up on your dreams.

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Sending ~hugs from my house to yours~ 

iBreathemakeup :) 143. 


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