Kailijumei Jelly lipstick - Hot or Not?

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How are you all doing? As you know I’m doing a blog post every day this week at 6pm GMT!! Yesterday’s one was a first Impressions on the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser (click here).

Today’s blog post is the about the kailijumei Jelly lipstick with a flower inside of it. The company itself sells it for $30 (click here). If you convert that to £ it’s £22.85 which is quite expensive for a lipstick that is sheer. I bought mine for £2.50 from eBay which is $3.28 (click here).
The lipstick itself is VERY beautiful and unique. It has a flower inside of it and the packaging itself is different to everyday lipsticks. At the top of the lipstick, there’s a button which you have to press to get the lipstick out.   

once you get it out of the box it looks like this 

This is the packaging for the lipstick once you've pushed the button down.

The lipstick is like jelly but it’s clear there’s no colour until it’s swatched. This lipstick is like the Lipstick Queen lipstick in Frog Prince which is a green lipstick but when applied on the lips it becomes pink. This lipstick is the same it’s clear when you apply it and it slowly becomes pink on the lips and slowly gets darker but it also depends on your lip colour. On my lip colour, it didn’t show as much all you could see is a light pink sheen to it, but It wasn’t as dark as I wanted it to be. Also,the colour I bought is flame red but the lipstick colour is not red is pink.
When I first applied it 

Close up of the flower lipstick.
Overall, for me, I wouldn’t wear this every day because it’s not my type of thing. I think this lipstick is more for show then to use just because of the flower inside. I don’t think anyone should pay $30 for it but if you're buying it from eBay then it's fine. I really do like this but I think it's more for collecting than wearing. 

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