Holy Grail Lipsticks

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How is it going? Because it's national lipstick day I thought to myself let me do a blog post of my HOLY GRAIL lipsticks!!!
I hardly wear lipsticks at the moment because I'm loving liquid lipsticks but I have my holy grail lipsticks that I go back to.

As you know I've been doing #1weekofblogging. I'm going to link the posts below.

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Holy Grail Lipsticks

These 5 lipstick are my hold grail lipsticks that I feel comfortable in and always go back to no matter what.

  • Gerard Cosmetics - 1995 
  • Rimmel Kate - 01 
  • Rimmel Kate - 107
  • Mac - Taupe 
  • Beautyuk - Vampire 

Gerard Cosmetics - 1995 

This is was the first nude I purchased because Jaclyn Hill created it and it looked like a beautiful colour. The time Jaclyn Created this everyone was hyping about Kylie Jenner's lip colour and companies were trying to create colours like that. This was one of the closest colours created to Kylie Jenner's lip colour. Once I got this colour I wore it like every day and got my friends into this colour too. I try and use different lipsticks but I always come back to this one. This is always in my makeup bag.

Rimmel 01

This is one of the reds I always go back to. I try to use different reds with different undertones but for some reason I always come back to this. I don't feel comfortable wearing very bright colours but this colour I'm comfortable with.

Rimmel 107 

This lipstick I was obsessed with I went through 2 or 3 lipsticks and I bought so many backups for it. I've given them away and kept two for myself. I always thought this was my all time favourite lipstick. This lipstick I used to wear before I found the rest of them except the Vampire by beautyUK. When I was in college EVERYONE wore this colour!! Obviously, I never like it and then I wore it and was in love with it, I always knew when someone was wearing this colour. This is definitely my holy grail colour and I will always love this colour.

Mac - Taupe

My cousin sister had this colour and she told me to try it out and I was like no it won't suit me, I don't like it and she said to me how would you know unless you don't try? So I decided to try and I was like wow it's so beautiful. when I went iMats I bought it straight away and still do this was 2 years ago. This is the perfect nude for my lips and my friends love this colour too. I think it will suit anyone who's Bengali , Pakistani or Indian.

BeautyUK - Vampire

When I first bought this colour I was 16 years old, I was shopping in Superdrugs and I saw this colour swatched it and was like WOW, it's the best dark red ever!! So I bought it. When I wore it I was gobsmacked because of the beauty of the colour ( I only started getting into makeup then). My friends wore it as well and bought it. I went back and stocked up on loads but now I've given them away and kept 1 as a back up because I hardly wear it. But this is one of the colour's I also go back to. It has good memories as well.

I realised most of my holy grail lipsticks are a dark red colour. That's the colour that attracts me in lipsticks whereas in liquid lipsticks I'm  attracted to browns and mauvey colours.
What are your holy grail lipsticks? I'm always looking for new products and colours to try out

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