First Impressions- Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

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Here’s another first impressions on a skincare item. I know my last blog post was a first impression but here’s another one, I promise tomorrow’s one isn’t a first impression. Today’s first impression is on the Body Shop Vitamin E cream cleanser. I bought a gift set with the Vitamin E oil and cream and the cream cleanser. The cream cleanser intrigued me because I’ve never seen anyone talk about a cream cleanser or blog about it. Body shop are having a 40% off at the moment so stock up on any products you love or if you want to try somethings new, now’s your chance.  CODE 14672 (click here).

I used the cleanser for the first time today. When I applied to my face it felt weird because it felt like I was applying a cream to my face and just rubbing it in. I thought I was doing it wrong at first because of the creamy texture to it but then I realised it wasn’t syncing in like cream does. I felt the cleanser actually cleaned my skin because last night I wore a full face of makeup and all I did was wipe my makeup off with a makeup wipe. I know I shouldn’t have done it but I came home late and I was really tired. I felt it take all the makeup off properly and my skin felt really clean and soft. After I washed the cleaner off it felt like it moisturised my face for me but me being me I put my moisturiser on anyways.

Overall, I really like this product, I do need to use it more but I like the way it made my skin feel soft, fresh and clean.
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