May Favourites

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Hey guys,
I didn’t do a favourites last month due to exams and work but now exams are over!!! WOOHOOOO!!! I’m so happy it’s over, no more being stressed. How are you all? If you’re doing your exams GOOD LUCK!!!! Revise and you will be fine.
Back to favourites….
This month’s favourite has a lot of Maybelline!! I know I didn’t realise that the products I was using was Maybelline.

The first product is Maybelline Nudes palette; I’ve heard a lot of mixed review on it. Some people hate it some people love it. I like it, I used it to do a quick simple eye look and it came out really nice.
The shadows are pigmented and soft and for drugstore they’ve done really well!! I would recommend it for those on a budget.

Okay! This eyeliner is my FAVOURITE eyeliner!!! My holy grail product that I cannot live without. It’s so black, creamy and glides on perfectly. It also is easy to take off!!! I’ve been using this for 6 months and it still hasn’t dried out which is surprising I’ve had higher end ones which dries within a month.

For some reason I’m loving dark red / wine lipsticks during summer. Yes, Summer!!! I’m weird like that well to be honest that doesn’t make you weird makes you unique. I’ve been loving Maybelline Divine Wine. It’s matte just the way I love my lipsticks and glides on perfectly.

Well Maybelline Gel Mega Push Mascara has been my favourite mascara since it has been out. It’s my holy grail, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in a favourite before. If I have I’ll link it (click here). The reason why it’s my favourite is because it doesn’t get hard and crumble, also it keeps my lashed curled more longer than a usual mascara.  Mascara’s being mega black doesn’t bother me because my eyelashes are black.

I usually don’t wear mascara on my bottom lashes because I smudge it. After trying the great lash on my bottom lashes changed everything. I love this mascara the wand is perfect for the bottom lashes and to be honest I love using this mascara when I’m wearing false lashes to blend my real lashes and the falsies together.

This product took me by surprise I didn’t think I will love it as much as I do. It’s the new look primer, I was quiet shocked how good it is seen as New Look is a clothes company. I don’t want to go in depth with it because I will have a review coming up on it, but if you’re looking for a cheap primer then this is one for you to buy.

Okay I have two foundation samples that I have been loving recently. One of them I’ve already purchased and the other I’m planning to after summer because I’m slowly getting tanned so my foundation colour has changed and I’m not spending £30 on a foundation to keep it in my draws.
So one of the samples is Estee Lauder double wear foundation and the other is MUA skin define matte foundation. They are amazing!!!! The MUA is only £4 which is so cheap!!!!! It sits on my skin all day even on the nose. I have a problem with my foundation coming off from my nose which is irritating because I have to be conscious of this all the time but with this foundation I don’t have to be.

Urban Decay Naked Concealer is the best concealer ever!!! I used to use the Mac studio fix one but it was very cakey. It’s light coverage and blends like a dream!! It covers up my dark circles which saves me from putting a lot of product on my face. This product lasts me all day when I do wear it and I'm loving it! I don't have to keep applying concealer.

These liquid lipsticks are by far the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. The wand is perfect and the formula is amazing it is watery but light and you can’t feel it on your lips. It lasts all day and the pigmentation is perfect. I’m running out of words to say about this product that’s how fantastic it is. I cannot wait to try the highlighters and eyeshadow palette. I’ve got 2 colours which are Gemini and Androgyny. I’ve been using Androgyny like crazy and I’m running out *cries*. (Jeffree if you’re reading this we need a restock of Androgyny please!!!!!)

My all-time favourite highlighter, my holy grail is Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics. OMG!!! This highlighter just gives me life. Highlighters don’t like to show up on my pictures so I always have to go back and pack on so much highlighter but with this I don’t need to. It’s visible in reality and on my pictures. I’ve got 5 highlighters that I am currently waiting to test out (I need to buy a highlighter brushes but I’m waiting to go iMats). It may change my mind on this product. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Makeup Revolution contouring palette is astonishing (I needed a new word because I use amazing a lot). It’s £8 in Superdrugs and it blends so nicely and easily, I think it’s good for all the people who are starting makeup because it’s got the 3 highlight shades, 3 contour shades, 1 highlight and 1 bronzer shade.

That's my favourites done. What have you been loving during the month of May? or just in general? 

 I hope you're having a lovely day or evening. 
If you're having a crap day then don't worry it can't rain forever and it will be over!
Don't ever give up on your dreams.

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Sending ~hugs from my house to yours~ 

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