Primark Lipliners Review + Swatches

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Lip liners are life savers when applying lipsticks!!! Before I got into makeup I hated lip liners, all my friends used to wear them but I didn’t. I felt they dried out your lips and they made it look like you haven’t been taking care of your lips. I was uneducated within makeup sector. However, as I got more into makeup and gained knowledge by watching YouTube reviews I learnt that not all lip liners make your lips look cracked, there are lip liners that are creamy. Now I’m always on the hunt for an amazing lip liner.

I was in Primark walking around the store when I passed the makeup section and saw the lip liners. I thought to myself shall I buy these or not? Hmmmm…. After convincing myself I decided to pick on up and try it out plus they were only £1. After trying it out a few times I fell in love with the lip liners. The next time I went I picked up 10 lip liners because I didn’t want to run out of them at all. Every time I wear the lip liner I always get complimented on it and people ask me what lip colour am I wearing. I’ve also recommend them to all my friends and family members so I thought I should do a blog post on them.


  •           Soft
  •           Pigmented
  •          Cheap
  •           Long lasting
  •           Creamy 


  •       Very hard to find in stores unless you go early
  •        Not a wide colour range
  •        Names are not on the pencil themselves, it’s on the price tag part
  •        Not available online

Overall, I love these lip liners, they are very inexpensive and they glide on the lips perfectly. They are creamy and don’t make your lips look dry. 

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