Pre Glued Eyelashes

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Hey guys,

I've tried the new (well not so new anymore) Ardell and Eylure false lashes that have glue on them already.
I've tried to wear them a few times but it never worked out. I prefer putting the glue on the lashes and then applying it. This way was not easy at all!!!
Problems I found with both of them is that I wasn't able to cut them properly. It was really difficult because the lash would get stuck on the scissors which was annoying. Also when I applied it onto my eyes it would get stuck on my eyelid not my lash line and I had to keep trying which meant my eyeliner got ruined.
With the Ardell ones I found them very uncomfortable after I finally got them on properly. They were irritating my eyes causing them to water. However the Eylure ones were much comfortable but I wouldn't buy them pre-glued again,  I would buy the normal versions but not pre-glued.

So my overall opinion on pre-glued eyelashes is that I don't like them. I love these brands in general don't get me wrong but not in this form of pre-glued.

That's it for my post today! I hope you're having a lovely day or evening. 
If you're having a crap day then don't worry it can't rain forever and it will be over!
Don't ever give up on your dreams.

Sending ~hugs from my house to yours~ 

iBreathemakeup :) 143. 


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