Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Review + Swatches

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I'm trying to do weekly reviews on products I've tried instead of just briefly talking about it on my monthly favoruites, that's if I even do a favourites.

Finally, I got Champagne Pop!! I actually got it in December but kept it for my birthday and I finally used it this month. I love this highlighter. It is amazing and the pigmentation is on point. It shows on different skin tones. The texture is soft and buttery. It's got a lot of pigmentation in one swatch.

This lighting is different to the bottom ones. This was taken as the sun was setting with my room light one and a mirror light reflecting on it

A Swatch without flash 

A Swatch with flash 

Sorry about the different lightnings, I took them at different times. The first few pictures look more of a champagne gold whereas the last ones look like a peachy champagne. 

My overall thoughts on this product are that it's amazing and worth the splurge. When I bought it from SpaceNK it was £30 but now it's £32 however on Cultbeauty it's £30. I will link them both below. 
The pigmentation is amazing and it shows up on the face. In addition to that you only need a little amount and it goes a long way. 

That's it for my post today! I hope you're having a lovely day or evening. 
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