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Hey guys, 

I can't believe it's March already! Time is flying by. I had some spare time to write a blog post or two ;) so I thought I'll post my March favourites. 

Makeup Revolution is AMAZING! They're just coming out with so many different palettes and makeup products I can't keep up. I need to test some more products out. This months I've been using the Flawless Matte palette. The pigmentation is gorgeous, and they're so soft but they feel velvety not buttery.  I love this palette so many different transition colours for different types of looks. 

The next palette I have been loving is the Eyes Like Angel Palette by Makeup Revolution because I need shimmer on my eyes. The colour I have been loving is the Orange colour. It's very beautiful colour to use all over the lids. However I feel with the orange to get the best pigmentation it's better to use it wet. So I pray my brush with setting spray. 

I've recently got into contouring and I have been trying out different contour shades and bronzers. This month I've been using the Makeup Revolution Contour Kit. I use the middle contour shade to contour and I use the banana colour to set my under eye concealer. Been loving them two colours recently. For a Drugstore contour kit it's very pigmented and the texture of the product is buttery and soft. 

Okay, so this product is by far my favourite highlighter I own or have swatched. Thank you Jaclyn Hill. This highlighter changed everything. When I usually wear highlight I have to pack it on so it's visible however with this highlighter I don't need to a little goes a long way, but me being me I pack it on. I love this and I need to get another so I know I have a backup. 

Laaaaashes!! They're my favourite part of wearing makeup because they transform your looking from basic makeup to SLAAAYING. I've been loving these Lilly Lashes. I bought these last year (2015) December and have been wearing them since. I need to purchase some more and try out more styles.
Paris is more for when you want the va va voom but with naturalness in it.  

London is for when you want natural but fuller looking lashes, like an every day lash but with volume. 

These are like my all time favourite lashes Demi Wispies. I love them I wear them all the time. My holy grail. I prefer buying them in the Multipack because then I know I always have backups and also it's cheaper. I buy mine of . They usually have deals so check them out. 

As you know lash glues smells disgusting, they smell like rotten eggs or something however latex free ones do not! Thank you Jeffree Star for informing us all about latex free eyelash glue. I bought this brand from . I've never heard of it or seen anyone use it, I just saw it said latex free and I bought it. I LOVE THIS eyelash glue!!!! It's amazing!!! It keeps the lashes on all day. My eyes water a LOT!! therefore, my lashes tend to come off a lot, but this keeps it on. However... when taking your lashes off be careful because if you tug to hard it can rip your eyelashes off. 

 Sadly my Urban Decay makeup setting spray ran out fortunantly I had this Motives on I got a Master Class. I've used this a couple of times before and I didn't like it that much. However I love it now. It keeps my makeup on all day. But I do prefer the Urban Decay More. 

 The 2 lip combos I've been wearing this month. 
Primark lipliner and Jeffree Star Androgyny. If you don't have Androgyny then you need it in your life! It's AMAAAZING. I love it, like that's my go to lipstick. I usually use the 2 lip combo but this one has kinda taken over. I always read for these two more then the browny nude colours. 

When using Androgyny I prefer to use a lighter lipliner then one that's the same or darker. This is because if I was able to use liquid lipsticks and not make a mess like a 5 year old then I wouldn't use a lipliner however I cannot. I only use the lipliner to ensure I don't make a mess. 

 My other go to combo is the Prink lipliner in brown and Gerard Cosmetics 1995. I love this combination, with this I like use the lipliner all over the lips and then add 1995 on top so it's not to brown. 
Every time I wear this lip combo I get a lot of compliments. 

Colour correcting is becoming a big thing in the makeup industry. Finally all the brands are stepping into the game and releasing colour correctors. I've been loving the LAGirl ones. They are amazing, VERY pigmented and they're cheap too! UK makeup lovers you can find it at or

I used to use this primer before when I first bought the Naked Palette however I discovered the MUA one which was much cheaper and it worked for me. But now I started using the Urban Decay one because my MUA one has finished and I thought to myself why did I stop using it? I fell back in love with it. I would like to try the NARS one because everyone raves about it, I actually want to see if it works or is it just a hyped up product. 

The new Mascara I have been loving is the Perversion mascara by Urban Decay. I have the full size but I never used it for some reason. I got this smaller one with a Urban Decay set they were selling in Debenhams during Christmas. I love this mascara, I don't understand why I've never used it before this month. 
This mascara actually shows when I'm wearing it usually when I wear mascara it doesn't look like it what so ever. I really hate that about my eyelashes, that why I always prefer to wear falses, but with this mascara you can see my lashes. It keeps them curled and it's visible. I love it. Defiantly recommend with the people with stubborn eyelashes. 

I thought I would add my makeup removing favoruites as I have sensitive skin, like really sensitive skin. After I take my makeup off with makeup removing wipes, I would use this Garnier Micellar Cleansing water to remove what is left and it takes it all off. Sometimes I just use this however taking eye makeup off it doesn't work as much. That's why I use the Johnson's eye makeup remover, which is what I will be talking about next.  


This is my favourite eye makeup removers because it removes all my makeup. I'm very sensitive as I've said before and this works on me really well. The only problem with this is it is difficult to find in shops. I usually get mine online from Superdrugs

My Favourite cream. I love this cream so much. Especially during winter, during the summer I get more redness so I use the orange one which helps prevent redness.  This helps if you have dry skin and it keeps moisturised for the whole day. 

That's it for my post today! I hope you're having a lovely day or evening. 
If you're having a crap day then don't worry it can't rain forever and it will be over!
Don't ever give up on your dreams.

Sending ~hugs from my house to yours~ 

iBreathemakeup :) 143. 


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