2015 Favourites

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I cannot believe 2015 went so fast!!
Well 2015 has happiness and regrets but I'm going to make the most of 2016 and step out my comfort zone and  push myself to do more things with my life. I'm going to try and blog more. I did say twice a week however I feel like because I don't go shopping and wear makeup a lot I'm going to make it twice a month maybe more depending on what I do in the month.

OKAY Warning!!! Before you read this be sure to grab a drink and some snacks because this is a longggggg read! I hope you enjoy it :) 

Back to 2015 favouritesssss! So I thought instead of doing a December favourites why not just do a 2015 one. It's not just going to be beauty! It's going to be films, music and food.


Starting off with beauty product! There are some more stuff missing from this picture but I will add them at the bottom

As you know from my previous favourites I have been raving about the Urban Decay palettes. They are by far MY favourite palettes that I own! They're pigmented, soft and buttery. However The Vice 3 & 4 not my favourite! Their pigmentation could've been better but that another blog post if you would like to know my opinion on it. I've been loving the too faced chocolate palette. I don't own a lot of too faced products but I will be investing in some more because the palette is AMAZING!! I've seen this lip liner I want but it's £18 i think and I'm like debating if  I should buy it or not.
Other eye products I have been loving is sugar pill pigment in 'grand tiara' and the naked cosmetics pigment in silver. The silvers are amazing! I usually spray my brush with setting spray before using the pigment however with the sugar pill pigment I would add it on top of a silver eye shadow.

Mascara! My eyelashes are stubborn and they don't listen to me! and they're straight as hell and even when I curl it it doesn't stay up. It only stays up with certain  mascaras ( that's why i wear lashes more often) . The mascara that actually help my lashes are Maybelline The Mega Plush Volume Express, Maybelline Great Lash (mostly used for bottom mascara), Rimmel Scandal eyes rocking curves and NYC show time. Sadly NYC has been discontinued from Superdrugs so I will have to find another store that sells it or online. But these mascaras help me a lot but I coat my mascara with each of the mascara every time I go out so I would put everyone of them on like 2/3 coats each.

Highlight took over 2015! Like everything became about that glow! 'highlight on fleek girrrrrl'. My favourite highlighter has to be the MUA one it's only £3 and the pigmentation is AMMMAAZINNGGGG!!!!! and I do also like the  Mary Lou Manizer but when the MLM doesn't glow as much I add the MUA highlighter over it! I like to do my highlighter Amrezy style! Make my self a light bulb as she would say.

The Rimmel clear complexion setting powder in transparent is the best! As a person who's always getting colours wrong or my colour being out of stock I like to get the transparent because I can also use it to set my under eyes! Taking about setting my eyes after using eye primer the MUA one
I use the MUA shadow in shade 17 matt it helps me when I'm using eyeshadow and keeps my shadow on longer!

My favourite product out of all of this is LASHES!!!! Okay so as you know the velour lashes in sweet whispie nothing is by far my all time favourite lash!!! Like it makes my look 1000 times better. The other lashes I like to wear on a normal day or just in general would be the Red Cherry Demi Wipsies , House Of Lashes Au natural and Lilly Lashes in Paris and obviously Ardel Demi Wispies! I love lashes honestly. If I was stuck on a dessert the only products I would need is Lashes and lash glue and brown lipliner the Primark one that is it. If a company gave my a chance to create a beauty item it would be Lashes!! I love Lashes! okay thats enough about lashes

Lippssssss is is next. Well my go to lipliner is the Primark brown colour! Favourite beats every lip lipliner I have. To be honest I don't even need lipstick if I have that lip liner! I have also added the Revlon Lip Crayon in 250, that has also been my favourite. As you can see Mac Taupe or Mac Diva
isn't in the picture because it's in my bag. If I'm going out during the day I would wear a nude lipstick and to switch it up I would change it to Diva or Rimmel 107. It made a difference in my makeup and everyone needs a lipstick they can change to at night time.

I've recently been contouring my face because I found a God sent brush to help me as I'm a beginner and I've been using the benefit Hula Bronzer and it's amazing. I really like the pigmentation and it doesn't look muddy or grey on me. When the small one runs out I shall buy the full size product!! In addition I am loving the rockateur blush. I do need to get into bronzers and blush more to be honest any recommendations?

Winter is here and my skin becomes drier so during season I change my creams and during fall time I use the Garnier cream and it's amazing keeps my skin hydrating and moisturised. 

The Pro Colour Corrector In Orange is incredible for covering dark circles. I have very dark circles because it's in my Genes and I don't sleep so that makes it worse but for covering it up the LA Girl colour corrector is the one!

Two perfumes I've been wearing the whole year is Avon - Far Away and Estee Lauder - Sensuous. Oh God, they're stunning. They also last long.


My Favourite films would have to be a new bollywood film which is out now Dilwale , Fast and Furious 7, Pitch Perfect 2, Southpaw , 50 shades of Grey, Minions and Avengers: Age Of Ultron


My Favourite song of 2015 hmmmm..... well I can't have one but these are a few of them

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Golding
Get Stupid - Aston Merrygold
Baba - Geko
Worth It - Fifth Harmony
Janam Janam - Dilwale


I've been loving Sushi from Wasabi! Sadly my favourite one is a box full of others so I've been trying different ones. 

Chocolate hmmmmm.... Dariy Milk Bubble 

Favourite drink is J20

I think I will stop now of this blog post is going to become a story!!!
If you have any recommendation on blog posts please tweet me @ibreathemakeup

That's it for my post today! I hope you're having a lovely day or evening. 
If you're having a crap day then don't worry it can't rain forever and it will be over!
Don't ever give up on your dreams.

Sending ~hugs from my house to yours~ 

iBreathemakeup :) 143. 


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