September Favourites!!!

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October's finally here!! Halloween time! I do love Halloween, It's my favourite time of the year. September went really quick! Just yesterday I started University. Anyways back to Makeup! My September favourites. For all my favourites I will have a link below so you can purchase it if you want.

1st favourite is my MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer. This is amazing!!! My ares are very difficult when it comes to eye shadow, I don't even know why but it is. For some reason the eye shadow would come off after about 1 hour of wearing the eye shadow and my eye's are also watery and I've tried using a concealer but it doesn't help for some reason. I bought this from Superdrugs a year ago and it's lasted me then again I don't wear eye shadow everyday. The eye shadow primer is £2.50 that's a bargin!!! I've got the Urban Decay Primer but I don't use it as much because I love this one a LOT!!!! It holds my eye shadows in places for the whole day.

My second favourtie is this NYC mascara. I got this free when I bought an eye shadow palette and eye liner from Superdrugs. But I would definitely buy this again!!! It's amazing!!! I do love my mascara when I don't wear lashes, I like to build it up so it looks like I have eyelashes on. My holy grail is Maybeline Mega Push Mascara which is £7.99 but this NYC mascara is slowly becoming my holy grail mascara and it's only £1.99 so much cheaper than the Maybelline one. My eyelashes are a nightmare really bad one, any time I wear mascara it doesn't look like I am wearing any on my eyes which irritates me a lot and most the mascara's I use clumps my eye lashes together which I do not like but this mascara doesn't do that which makes me really happy and also it when I wear it shows I have eyelashes. 

As you may know  I don't wear makeup on a day to day bases so I don't wear concealer all the time which means I don't have a huge concealer collection. Honestly I've only got 2 concealers one is the Mac Pro Concealer and the Naked Skin Concealer. Mac Concealer was my holy grail but this concealer has replaced it! It's so light weight but it does the job properly and it's long lasting. It covers up my dark circles and it highlights my under eyes so saves me from putting a lot of product on my face. My skins really bad in holding concealer or foundation well any thing really the only thing it can hold properly is cream! But for some reason this product lasts me all day when I do wear it and I'm loving it! I don't have to keep applying concealer. 

Makeup Forever Primer - This is the first primer I've tried but it works wonders! This would never been on my favourites before because I didn't use it properly. I used to use this with my hand but now I dot it around my face and use a brush to blend it in and it works wonders my makeup actually stays on and I have a matte finish like I've always wanted.

I'm very sorry these brushes are not clean! I've been to busy to wash them, I shouldn't use that as an excuse but you know how it is! Next time I will ensure that they are washed, I promise. These brushes are amazing they're buy a brand called Jessup. I found someone post about these brushes on instagram and for 10 brushes it was £8.99 which is a good price for these. These brushes are amazing so soft and I would recommend them to you to buy they're worth the money!!

My favourite gel eyeliner! This eye liner is amazing !! It's so black which is amazing and it doesn't dry out like my Urban Decay did! It's only £7.99 and it works amazingly. Plus the consistancy of it is really nice and the fact I've used this for 5 months now and it still seems like it's new is amazing!!! 

This Lash Comb is amazing for when you have clumps or when your false eyelashes have glue on it. It also helps your real lashes fit in with your false lashes. 

I love this crease brush!!! It's amazing!!! Especially for my eyes because I have small eyes so I need a smaller crease brush. I got this brush with the Makeup Revolution Iconic Palette and I love this brush. I think the Pro E103 Makeup Revolution is the same but I'm not sure. This brush is double sided but I don't use the other side.  

Another favourite is Ardell Demi Wispies!! I love these Lashes they look very natural and they last a long time. I bought mine for £10.99.  I wear these to all the events I go to. I actually really need to try new lashes. Any recommendations? 

Winter is here and my skin becomes drier so this is the cream I change to during fall time and it's amazing keeps my skin hydrating and moisturised.

These were my favourites this month. What were your favourites this month? comment below or post a picture and #IBMmonthlyfavourites

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