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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey, just one thing before i start talking about makeup. I've decided to upload on Wendesday and Sundays. I will be posting it on my instagram (@ibreathemakeup_) and twitter (@ibreathemakeup). 

Back to makeup!!!! 
I have finally got a chance to swatch my mini haul and give you a closer look. I'm happy with what I bought and the quality is good from what I have swatched. I need to try it out and see the lasting power which I will let you know in a future blog post. 

Makeup Revolution - Ultra Contour Palette

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette is £8 in Superdrugs and on their site. It consists of 3 contour shades and 3 highlight shades and 2 merged baked highlight shades. 

The palette is pigmented and the powders feel soft and creamy/buttery. From looking at the palette I know I would use the yellow shade for my under eyes. Overall I do like the palette in forms of pigmentation however with lasting power I still have to see how that goes and get back to you on that. 

Make up Academy (MUA) -  Pro-Base Prime and Conceal Palette 

MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal Palette is £4 in Superdrugs and on their site. You can by individual ones which are £2 each but I think the palette is much better because you get 5 shades for £4 which is worth it. There's also a powder version which I would like to try and see which works better. MUA is a cheap brand overall with good quality makeup. I have to say I love their eyeshadow base which i will be talking about in my favourites post (upcoming post).  

The Creams are quiet pigmented. The creams are soft and buttery. I haven't tried them yet so I do not know about lasting power, I will let you know about the lasting power on all the products once I have used them. Overall, I do like the palette and I cannot wait to use it. 

Model's Own - chrome palette

The Model's Own Chrome Palette is £5.99 in Superdrugs but on Model's Own site it's £7.99. I bought it from Superdrugs. The palette consists of 6 colours, 3 shades of Silver and 3 shades of Golds. 

These are the swatches of the Chrome Palette. The first shade which is a white glitter isn't that pigmented whereas the other colours are pigmented but the gold/bronze are more pigmented then the silver ones. The product itself is creamy and buttery. I don't know how it would work with a brush. Overall, I do like the colours and I cannot wait to use it. 


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