The Banc Restaurant Review

Name: The Banc
Location: 261-263 W Green Rd, West Green, London N15 3BH
Food Type: Burgers and Steaks
Halal: Yes
Service: 10/10
Overall Rating: 10/10

The Banc was amazing especially their service and their food is delicious. I have been to The Banc twice now. The first time was for my birthday but I was too unwell to eat and the second time was for my friends birthday and I really enjoyed the food.

Personally, I did not like their steak, maybe because I don't like steak in general, I am more of a chicken girl. I got their chicken burger which I loved. All 4 of my friends got the steak and 3 of them enjoyed it but one of them didn't she liked what she got last time which was lamb chops I think. I would definitely go back to The Banc and try their chicken steak thing they have. Overall, The Banc is a great place to go for food and service.

ibreathemakeup xx
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The Tea Terrace Review - Victoria Street

Name: The Tea Terrece  Location: 101 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 6QX
Food Type: English
Halal: Meat & Chicken No but Fish Yes
Service: 9/10
Overall Rating: 10/10

Tea Terrece is a beautiful place to visit especially because of the princess carriage in the middle of the restaurant. It is located within House of Fraser on the top floor. We went there for my best friends birthday as well as Dar Marrakesh.

My Experience: The service at Tea Terrace was amazing when we went. The Tea Terrace carriage is only for 1 hour and 15mins but luckily we got to stay in the carriage for 4 hours which was amazing. The only problem I found with the Tea Terrace carriage is there a minimum spend of £21 each person plus when booking the carriage you need to pay a fee £12.95 per person as well which you do not get back. I did not like that because their food portions are big, therefore, you get full and you really do not want anything else.

The Tea Terrace staff members that dealt with us kept …

Book Review - All is not forgotten by Wendy Walker

All is not forgotten is about a 16-year-old girl named Jenny who gets raped and does not remember what happens to her. However, the person who rapes her remembers every single detail of it. 

If you are sensitive to reading about rape then this book is not for you. There is a lot of emotion within the book and detail about rape in this book. All is not forgotten is not based just on the rape. There are other things that happen and other characters the author focuses on. 
I found All is not forgotten a rollercoaster of emotions trying to guess who did it and why they did it. There's a part where a character gets introduced a boy who goes to Jenny's school and I was adamant it was him who raped her because of some of the things the author says but it was not. The one thing I would say is that it took to long to find out who the rapist was. I think the author could have shorted the book a bit. Some things did not matter, I did skip some of the conversations I thought that was not…

Holy Grail Brown Lipliners

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I am a huge fan of brown lipliners. Brown is my favourite lip colour and I am always investing in brown lipliners, lipsticks, liquid lipsticks. I cannot get enough of it. I asked what kind of post you guy would like to read and most of you said my holy grails. I decided to split them up into my holy grail lip liner colours or the post would be very repetitive and long. These 5 lipliners are my holy grail and I cannot live without them. I was going to write about each one individually but I was repeating myself, therefore, I've done one paragraph about them all.

These are my holy grail browns that I wear more or less every day. There is only 1 lip liner that has been added this year which is the Urban Decay lip liner in 1993. Once I wore it I fell in love with it. I could not stop wearing it so I added it to my holy grail.

I love all these shades equally I cannot pick a favourite however, the one I wear the most is Primark - Toffee / Br…

Motivation Everyday - Just my thoughts

This blog post is going to be totally different to my usual posts. This one is my late night thoughts I've typed up and decided to post.  This is more about motivating yourself and pushing yourself to do what makes YOU happy.  This whole blog post is all over the place. There isn't a structure it's just my thoughts.

We all try to motivate ourselves into following our dream but something happens:
1. We get lazy
2. It goes all wrong
3. We are scared

These are some of the 3 main things and usually, at that point, we give up. That is exactly what I have been doing until NOW. I finally put a stop to that routine and that mentality. You need to change the way you think to help you feel motivated when you wake up in the morning and throughout the day. Thinking negative but having dreams you might as well just not even bother having dreams. The first thing about being successful is believing in yourself and your idea. If you do not believe in your self and idea how do you think o…

Dar Marrakesh Restaurant Review

Name: Dar Marrakesh
Location: 422 Edgware Rd, Marylebone, London W2 1EG Food Type: Moroccan Halal: Yes Service: 1/10 Overall Rating: 1/10
I booked this place for my Best Friends birthday. The day was amazing but the restraunt was really awful. The Service was terrible. The manager actually tried to make us feel guitly for not paying service charge. I'm sorry but if your service is bad then why am I going to tip you? Personally, I think service charges are just a way for a restraunt to beg for tips and I do not like it. If I do not have to pay it then I am not espically if your service is bad.

My Experience:  I called and booked a table a week before for 7pm but a couple of days later I changed it for 8pm but they staff did not change it on the timing and the manager had a go at us for being late when we actually was not because we came the time we said we would. The manager was also rude to us which was really disrespectful as customers who have come to your restraunt for the firs…

First Impression - Smashbox

Smashbox is a brand I have always seen but never purchased any products from it. I've swatched their products but it was nothing I did not already have or want. However, once their liquid lipsticks came out I was interested but they did not have the colours I was looking for until this new nude collection released. The two liquid lipsticks I bought myself. The foundation and colour corrector are samples and the primer and liquid lipsticks were a free gift from Safiyah Tasneems event (click here).

The only product I did not use is the pinky mauvy liquid lipstick and the foundation, therefore, I will not be mentioning it.
Smashbox Primer (click here
I used the primer twice and I found that it made my foundation stick longer compared to the Nivea shaving balm. It also, hydrated my face while using it and blurred some of my imperfections on my skin. I really liked the way my skin felt after using this and I will carry on using it. It may be in future favourites 
Colour Corrector (cl…