Dar Marrakesh Restaurant Review

Name: Dar Marrakesh
Location: 422 Edgware Rd, Marylebone, London W2 1EG Food Type: Moroccan Halal: Yes Service: 1/10 Overall Rating: 1/10
I booked this place for my Best Friends birthday. The day was amazing but the restraunt was really awful. The Service was terrible. The manager actually tried to make us feel guitly for not paying service charge. I'm sorry but if your service is bad then why am I going to tip you? Personally, I think service charges are just a way for a restraunt to beg for tips and I do not like it. If I do not have to pay it then I am not espically if your service is bad.

My Experience:  I called and booked a table a week before for 7pm but a couple of days later I changed it for 8pm but they staff did not change it on the timing and the manager had a go at us for being late when we actually was not because we came the time we said we would. The manager was also rude to us which was really disrespectful as customers who have come to your restraunt for the firs…

First Impression - Smashbox

Smashbox is a brand I have always seen but never purchased any products from it. I've swatched their products but it was nothing I did not already have or want. However, once their liquid lipsticks came out I was interested but they did not have the colours I was looking for until this new nude collection released. The two liquid lipsticks I bought myself. The foundation and colour corrector are samples and the primer and liquid lipsticks were a free gift from Safiyah Tasneems event (click here).

The only product I did not use is the pinky mauvy liquid lipstick and the foundation, therefore, I will not be mentioning it.
Smashbox Primer (click here
I used the primer twice and I found that it made my foundation stick longer compared to the Nivea shaving balm. It also, hydrated my face while using it and blurred some of my imperfections on my skin. I really liked the way my skin felt after using this and I will carry on using it. It may be in future favourites 
Colour Corrector (cl…

Jewellery Haul - Ali Express

I have finally received all the pieces from Ali Express I have been waiting for. I love Ali Express because it's cheaper than other retailers and they are actually good quality.

The main reason I did the order is because of the feather ring ( I forgot to do a close-up picture). I have been wanting the ring for a while, I have been seeing it everywhere and did not want to pay £20 for it, therefore, I put it on my Instagram story and Preema (click here) suggested Ali Express.
It was 0.62p (click here).  Me being me did some browsing and found other jewellery pieces I do not need but bought.

I saw this marble bracelet (click here) for £15 on a website and I've wanted it ever since however, I didn't want to pay £15 for it and I am glad I didn't because I found this for £2.04.

This crown ring is beautiful. It fits like a dream. I saw this and fell in love with it. It was 0.84p as well so why not (click here)

I've seen this on Instagram for a long time and I've alway…

Boxing Day Haul 2017

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE EVE!!!!! I cannot believe 2017 is nearly OVER. My Boxing Day Haul is things I have stocked up on because they are only available during Christmas. The sale is not really as good as Black Friday I feel although, I do not buy clothes I purchase more cosmetics etc.

As you can see I went a bit crazy in Body Shop but these are all products I use and love. 

The Body Shop

I decided to go a bit crazy on the Frosted Berries shower gel (click here) because it's only available for Christmas therefore, I'm stocked up until mid-2019 lol. I also purchased the bath foam (click here) because I've read a few people raving about so I wanted to try it. There is one raspberry shower gel (click here) I always have to purchase a coconut body butter (click here) because that is a holy grail item I cannot live without and the 400ml was on sale from £20 to £15 including 40% off.  I bought Frosted Berries hand cream (click here) it is my favourite scent in hand cream which is so…

Neglected Product of 2017

This is going to be a short blog post.

Last year I did a post on my neglected products of the year so I thought I would do one this year as well. My neglected product is Mascara, although I have featured it in some favourite I do not use it as much as I use eyeliner or lip products. I only wear mascara when I wear lashes.

My eyelashes do not work well with mascara for some reason. When I wear it you cannot even tell I'm wearing mascara therefore, I refuse to wear it. I hate taking it off as well, it takes forever to come off and it goes everywhere. I think I need to test them out more and try high-end ones, not just drugstore. If you do have any good mascara recommendations please comment them below.

Hope you enjoy this post. Check out my previous post (click here)


Empties - Part 1

This is my first empties post. I always seem Sal from UmmBabyBeauty (click here) do it so I wanted to give it a go.
These empties have been sitting in my cupboard for months waiting to get bigger. I've thrown away so many products forgetting that I need to add it to this post. I wouldl like to continue posts like this if you guys do enjoy reading it.

Shower Gels
It makes me sad that this is only available during Christmas. I love how it smells, I only bought two last Christmas thinking that I won't like as much as I do. I have not used the other one yet. However, I've ordered 6 or 7 backups. It just makes your body smells so nice a fruity, a favourite scent of mine. This is something I will always be repurchasing. It's currently on sale for £2.50 (click here).

I really thought I would like the Blueberry one, but I did not like the smell. This is one thing I would not be purchasing again because I do not like the smell of it. Other than that the formula is amazing like …

Happy Place Cosmetics Haul

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I hope your Christmas has been amazing and you've received everything you've wanted to. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!!!!
Happy Place Cosmetics is my favourite company to order my bath bombs, soaps, bath whips, brush cleansers and diffusers.
I swear the diffusers smell AMAZING. I want to try the salted caramel range because everyone raves about it.  Currently, they have their Christmas sale currently check it out (click here). 

The main reason for this order was for the diffuser which is in my favourite scent of the Minnie Mouse bath bomb which unfortunately is no longer available but I hope she brings that scene out in a normal bath bomb. 

This diffuser is the best smelling diffuser in the world. Well, I say that and then remember the Resting Bitch Face one. I love them both. They both smell AMAZING and you all need it and need to request Kirstie to carry on making these scents. This retails for £17.50 

I did not buy t…